ASP-BP Workshop

01/10/2003 - Milano

Nel programma europeo di ricerca IST - Information Society Technologies, ENEA promuove due cluster di progetti ASP-BP e EUTIST-AMI. A Milano, presso FAST, ENEA ha organizzato, in collaborazione con Sirmi SpA e con il supporto scientifico di FTI, il Workshop ASP-BP, che è stato un momento di riflessione, di disegno dello scenario attuale e di guida all'innovazione.


9.30 Registration and Welcome Coffee

10.00 Introduction of the meeting;
the scenario in which the project is positioned
Massimo Busuoli - Project Coordinator, ENEA

10.10 StreamOnTheFly, the radio of the meeting
Tomas Hassan - Project Manager, PVL

10.25 The Italian state of the art
Maurizio Cuzari - Amministratore Delegato, SIRMI SPA

10.40 ITACA - I feel (remotely) good
Massimo Gabrielli - Account Manager, NOEMATICA

11.00 SOAVE -Better partner relations for better business
Armin Zabel - Head of Group "Sales Information Systems", UNIVERSITY OF STUTTGART, IAT

11.20 Coffee Break

11.50 STEDI - Buildings thermal behaviour is no longer a clue
Werner Keilholz - Software Develop. Group Leader, CSTB

12.10 DISTAL - The use of remote, brokered resources to solve very large engineering problems
Matthew Addis - Manager, IT Innovation Centre

12.30 FURNITURE - Internet Services focused on CAD applications for the Furniture Sector
Joseba Beristain - Computing Engineer, CIDEMCO

12.50 PENELOPE - Agent and advanced communication technologies create better textile production schedules
Anilkumar D. Dave - Consultant, DOMINA

13.10 Queries and Answers Session

13.20 Final conclusions: the right approach to the Innovation
Diego Santi - Innovation and Technology Transfer Expert, ENEA