2006. The European scenario of digital payment systems and smart cards

Edito da: Franco Angeli 2006
Iniziativa: Chartaforum Italia

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Giorgio Pacifici (edited by)
Pieraugusto Pozzi (edited by)
Gian Bruno Mazzi
T. Lammer and D. Umstaetter, Bank of Austria
Massimo Doria and Veronica Fucile, Bank of Italy
Paola Masi and Luigi Sciusco, Bank of Italy
Rui Filipe Pimentel, Bank of Portugal
Sergio Gorjˇn and Cristina Rossellˇ, Bank of Spain
Pierfrancesco Gaggi, European Payments Council
Fabrizio Canedoli, SSB
Visa and Global Insight
MasterCard International
F.Fiandra,G.Porazzi,S.Schuurman,E.Sponza, CartaSi
Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance
Giancarlo Scaini, SSB
Nicola Cordone, Sinsys
Antares Gryczan, Centrum Kart
Bas Peeters and Peter Potgieser, Interpay
Gianluigi Rocca, SSB
VRL Publishing
Alessandro Zollo, ABI
Manuela De Lorenzo, FTI

Like the global payment system universe, the digital payment system can also be represented as "an expanding universe", as there is a continuous marked growth in the number and value of transactions. However the growing number of electronic transactions, more and more of which are international, and the rise in their total value, are capturing increased attention and interest by operators and newcomers who were previously outside the field.
Considering the regulatory frameworks of this scenario, the introduction of the single European currency and the role of the European Central Bank were two basic milestones. Now, the SEPA (Single European Payment Area) Framework, approved by the European Payments Council in September 2005, represents for the entire industry of payments the most important guidelines for forecasting the evolution of the payment cards sector over the next few years.
Analyzing these trends is what the Forum per la Tecnologia dell'Informazione and the SSB Group aimed to do, by updating the first edition (2004) of the European Observatory on electronic cards and payment systems. Many international authors and institutions were asked to contribute to this new report with their own papers.

The European vision for digital payment systems - Introduction, by Gian Bruno Mazzi

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